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Choose your competition

Select your competition and check out all the details about it. The prizes - especially the vehicles - often have a brilliant history of care and attention: see the love in a list of replacement and upgrade parts.


Answer the question - correctly - and enter

Only those whose entries answer correctly can take part in the draw, so PLEASE double-check that you are right. We all get basic things wrong every now and again. Use Google, as well as your common sense. To submit your answer you must pay, or use the postal free entry route.


Wait to see if you've won

On entering, you’ll receive an acknowledging email from us. When the competition closes, you will receive your draw number(s). We then hold the draw and, online and via email, announce the winner. Good luck!

About us

Fantasy Competitions is the competition website of brothers Jason and Kyle Wilkin, who have a great, shared enthusiasm for cars and all things mechanical. Growing up in Co Fermanagh in a family with its own car sales and servicing business, Jason and Kyle have lived cars from birth. They know what to look for to make sure all Fantasy Competition vehicles and other prizes are sound. They also understand that one person’s fantasy prize might be a top-of-the-range Mercedes, whilst another’s might be a showroom condition 1963 Massey Ferguson tractor!

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